The Game Production Book- Heather Maxwell Chandler


Heather Maxwell Chandler is one of the most skilled game producer for the past one decade. She has a wide experience in almost prominent game productions like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, New Line Cinema. She has authored books like The Game Localization Handbook, The Game Production Handbook and much more articles regarding games development.

This book gives an idea on how the games are planned, designed and developed. It also refers to the production of games, formation of variable and modification of a game. The concept of the game should define the game genre. As a producer, must explain the key elements about the development in a much clear way to the working team. The explanation must be given in such a way that the team members get enthusiastic and excited about the project. This technique is called Mission Statement.

The definition of a game can be much enhanced through :

Pre-production should include at least 10-25% time of the total development of the game. For example,

If you are working on six-month project, the pre production must last for a few weeks, if you are working on a two-year project, the pre production must last 2 to 6 months. (Chandler, The Game Production Handbook, 2014, p. 5)

Game Requirements:

The main requirement to develop a game is basic art, design engineering features. Before working, the team must prepare a brainstorming, which makes the arrangements much simpler and makes the ability to think much broader. The tools to create the game must be ensured and finally at the end, risk analysis must be done to avoid mistakes and then review it. Before shipping to the manufacturer final checking must be done like fixation of major bugs, working of functionality as designed, finalization of all game assets.

In order to avoid the disorientation in the plan a simple checklist can be made at each major step.


Pre-Production checklist:

Production checklist:

Testing checklist:

Post Production Checklist: 


These are the things this book covers the most. This book develops the urge to know more about game production. Heather has explained such a complex subject into simpler way. For beginners in game’s development this book will be a great approach.



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